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Environment threatened by CAP proposal

Posted on 12 October 2011
Traditional farming methods, Romania.
© Collin Shaw/Roving Romania


Brussels, Belgium - Today the European Commission presented its proposal for the future Common Agriculture Policy 2014-2020. WWF expresses disappointment about a proposal which risks giving 372 billion euros to intensive agriculture practices that will mainly benefit only  bigger  farms and will create damages to the environment. 

Matthias Meissner, WWF leader on the CAP reform said:
“After lots of promises from the Commission to change farming practices in Europe and create a sustainable CAP, agriculture lobby groups and less progressive parts of the Commission, Parliament and Council have managed to delete all initial progress, producing a very weak proposal that continues to give money to farmers without monitoring their impact on the environment."

"Agriculture is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss and water pollution in Europe. The current proposal should link not just 30% but a total 100% of direct payments to greening measures to decrease the pressure of agriculture on the environment. We need to make sure that each European farmer implements a meaningful crop rotation, devotes at least 10% of its land to biodiversity, and stop converting pastures into arable land that destroys our landscapes and increases carbon emissions. Today’s proposal is far from achieving these changes.”

WWF also strongly criticises the fact that the tiny rural development fund, crucial for improving CAP sustainability, has not been increased and its necessary earmarking for agri-environmental measures has been deleted. The legislative proposal even allows Member States to transfer environmental funds into harmful direct payments.  This is a clear step back compared to the current CAP.

Traditional farming methods, Romania.
© Collin Shaw/Roving Romania Enlarge