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WWF launches Clean Economy report on 7 June

Posted on 24 May 2012
7 June invitation
On 7 June 2012 WWF, together with MEP Jo Leinen, will launch the 2012 edition of the Clean Economy, Living Planet report in the European Parliament (Brussels).

Clean energy technology manufacturing industry is an important part of the solutions to climate change. Since 2008 WWF’s Clean Economy, Living Planet report analyses this fast growing global industry with almost 200 billion Euro worth of sales in 2011.

Europe was the biggest manufacturer worldwide but lost market shares in 2011 to China and the US. Focused and stable industrial and energy policies as well as easy access to capital are the success factors for the runners-up in our new clean tech country ranking.

At its EU launch of the 2012 Clean Economy, Living Planet report, policy makers, industry and environmental NGOs will discuss the findings and repercussions for EU policy making.

They will also address the following questions: Where and how can Europe’s clean energy technology manufacturing industry win the race in future? How are lead markets and manufacturing interlinked? What is the role of industrial and energy policies?

Want to attend? RSVP by 4 June to: paolo@stefanscheuer.eu
7 June invitation
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