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European Commission proposes half measures on biofuels

Posted on 17 October 2012
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 Brussels – WWF welcomes the proposal to limit the use of crop-based biofuels to half of the EU's 10% target for renewable energy in transport by 2020. However, we are deeply concerned that the extra carbon emitted when farmers switch from growing food crops to growing energy crops, creating additional land demand, will not be taken into account.

Reacting to European Commission’s proposal, Imke Lübbeke, Senior Renewable Energy Policy Officer at WWF European Policy Office said:

“The biofuels proposal is only a half measure. It doesn’t reflect the urgent need to ensure the industry responsibly sources the right biofuels, so as to deliver greenhouse gas reduction.

By proposing to cap the use of biofuels from food crops at 5% of final transport energy consumption by 2020, the European Commission is doing the right thing. The proposal will stop increasing the severe impacts on nature and people at large scale.

However, we are also concerned that the indirect climate impact of biofuels has not been taken into account. As a result, fuel suppliers will be free to continue blending biodiesel made from palm oil, soybeans and rapeseed into their fuels and claiming credit for cutting emissions despite evidence that the opposite can be true. Proper recognition of the significant and harmful environmental impacts of carbon emissions associated with biofuels is long overdue.”

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