Common Fisheries Policy Reform Alliance letter to Members of the European Parliament

Posted on 01 February 2013    
AIPCE­‐CEP, EUROCOMMERCE, EURO COOP, EURO-­TOQUES INTERNATIONAL and WWF have a shared vision for sustainable European fisheries and work together for a strong reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) as the Alliance for Common Fisheries Policy Reform.

The Alliance welcome the Fisheries Committee report and its proposals for strong CFP reform. It writes now to urge MEPs to support this report at the February plenary vote, and ensure that Parliament uses its co­‐decision powers to transform the way EU fisheries are managed.

The Alliance believe this reform is vital to ensure a healthy future for Europe’s fish, seas and fishermen and a long-­term supply of sustainable seafood in Europe.

The Alliance for Common Fisheries Policy Reform in particular welcomes and urges MEPs to support Fisheries Committee amendments which ensure the priorities listed in the attached letter.