European Parliament calls for three binding climate and energy targets for 2030

Posted on 05 February 2014    
Clouds on planet Earth as seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Today, the European Parliament supported legally binding national targets on greenhouse gas cuts, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  In doing so, MEPs sent a clear signal on the inadequacy of the Commission’s recent proposals, which overlook an efficiency target, and reduce the renewable energy target to one that is only binding at EU-wide level.

Reacting to today’s vote, Jason Anderson, Head of Climate and Energy - WWF European Policy Office said:
“Today, MEPs reacted to the Commission’s weak climate and energy proposals with a much-needed reality check. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are integral to achieving a low-carbon future, and can’t be downgraded to afterthoughts.
A comprehensive package of binding targets for 2030 will reduce Europe’s dependence on volatile energy imports, create employment in low-carbon sectors, deliver health benefits for EU citizens, and help to ensure the avoidance of dangerous climate change.”
Note to the editors:
1. WWF is calling for EU targets on greenhouse gas cuts (at least 55%), renewable energy generation (at least 45%), and energy savings (at least 40%), which are legally binding and effort shared between Member States. Further details can be found in WWF’s response to the European Commission Green Paper on a 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies -
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Clouds on planet Earth as seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery.
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