EU institutions join 157 countries for WWF’s Earth Hour 2014 | WWF

EU institutions join 157 countries for WWF’s Earth Hour 2014

Posted on 28 March 2014
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 Brussels – Tomorrow the EU Institutions and supportive EU politicians will switch off their lights for one hour, in a symbolic gesture for Earth Hour - the world’s biggest environmental action to protect the planet. WWF calculates that if everyone in the world lived as the average European does, we’d need 2.8 planets to support us, but by making small changes every day we can make our daily lives more sustainable.

At WWF’s Earth Hour event in the European Parliament last week, over 50 MEPs joined in on the photo opportunity to show their commitment to protect the planet and advocate to their voters the importance of building a sustainable future for both people and the planet (photo gallery). 
Tony Long, Director of WWF European Policy Office, said:

“We are delighted that Members of the European Parliament and other European Institutions have given their support to this year’s Earth Hour. And particularly now, with the upcoming European elections it’s important that the European Parliament shows its commitment to work on policies that bring Europe on a more sustainable path, whilst creating green jobs and solid socio-economic stability. 
By joining Earth Hour, MEPs can become part of a global movement that commits to living more sustainably and creating a better future.”
In addition European Commissioners Potočnik and Reding, the President of the European Parliament Schulz, European Council President Van Rompuy and the Committee of the Regions, tweeted and sent messages via social media channels inviting people around Europe and the globe to do their bit to save the planet.
The European Parliament and the other European Institutions have been active supporters of the initiative since years, mobilising their staff and the public to switch off their lights for one hour and take concrete actions to help save the planet.

They join 157 countries worldwide in the largest environmental action in history. Iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis, the Colosseum and the Sydney Opera House all switched off and hundreds of local communities, schools and businesses took part.

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