Green 10 open letter to VP Timmermans: “Do not kill laws crucial for our health, environment and the economy”

Posted on 12 December 2014    
Air pollution. Finland.
Air pollution. Finland.
© WWF / Mauri Rautkari

The 10 leading environmental NGOs in Europe appeal to Vice President Timmermans not to sink the air and waste packages: “Pollution kills 58,000 persons every year. Are they not European citizens? Shouldn’t the Commision protect heir interest too?”

After the leaks of the 2015 Working Plan of Juncker’s Commision, appeared on the Press today, the 10 leading environmental NGOs in Europe, the Green 10, have written an open letter to Vice President Timmermans expressing their grave concerns.

Angelo Caserta, Director of Birdlife Europe and curent Chair of the Green 10, states: “We are deeply concerned that environmental protection and sustainabilty is not only going to be absent in the Commision’s Workplan for 2015 but hat Vice President Timmermans is even planning to withdraw two recently proposed pieces of legislation that would bring major benefits for citzens’ health, the environment as well as for Europe’s economy – the air package and circular economy package“.

“By withdrawing the air quality proposal – Birdlife’s Caserta aded - the European Commision would miss the opportunity to prevent as many as 58,000 premature deaths per year that result from air pollution, when the current toll is 40,000 premature deaths per year. We would also miss a huge economic benefit of the European economy as the air quality directive would deliver health benefits of €40-140 billion in avoided external costs and provide about €3 billion in direct benefits due to higher productivity of the workforce, lower healthcare costs, higher crop yields and les damage to buildings”.

The Green 10 letter also states: “Withdrawing the circular economy package would also go against the number one priority of the European Commision. Europe would fail to create as many as 180,000 new jobs through turning waste into a resource while making busines more competive and reducing demand for and dependency from costly scarce resources from outside the continent”.

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Air pollution. Finland.
Air pollution. Finland.
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Green10 is a group of leading environmental NGOs active at EU level
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