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Corporate Engagement

Stylish businessman in a suit and tie with a fresh green leaf in his pocket signals his intent to care about the environment.
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Changing the nature of business

We are living beyond our means and our planet’s ecological limits.

To reverse the trend and change this reality, we need to work with those who have influence and can reduce the most critical threats to our environment.

We need to challenge conventional business thinking and develop new approaches and opportunities.

As great as the environmental challenges are, there is enormous potential to transform markets, to support businesses in building a sustainable future, and to find innovative solutions to key conservation challenges.
WWF works with hundreds of companies globally – from consumer goods giants to leading banks to help:

- reduce their ecological footprint,

- encourage sector and market shifts towards sustainable solutions,

- redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management, and

- accelerate necessary policy changes for a sustainable future.


  • Work with companies and their supply chains to transform markets of key global commodities − such as palm oil, soy and cotton.
  • Provide tools for businesses to assess specific issues and risks in Climate and Energy (Climate Savers)
  • Work with companies on a marketing level to communicate and educate people about our work and to raise funds for our projects
  • Convene stakeholders around a single or a sector wide issue (such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)
  •  Work with media partners and sponsors to communicate sustainable opportunities and solutions to a wide audience
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsible environmental practice among customers, employees and industry leaders

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