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NGO Partners


WWF cooperates with other NGOs working on environmental policy in Brussels. We are part of the ‘Green 10’, an informal coalition of the ten leading environmental NGOs which are active at EU level.

The ‘Green 10’ work with EU institutions to ensure environmental issues are central to policy-making. The ‘Green 10’ activities reflect the views of some 20 million European citizens, through their individual networks. 

WWF is part of the Green 10 together with:


 Since 2012 WWF is an associate member of Concord, the platform of development NGOs in Europe, allowing us to operate within the fields of development and environment. 

Civil Society Contact Group

WWF, as part of the Green 10, is a member of the Civil Society Contact Group bringing together other NGO ‘platforms’ including development, human rights, social and women’s groups and the arts and heritage. 


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Green10 is a group of leading environmental NGOs active at EU level
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