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Mobilising for policy change

Politicians are nominated to represent and protect people’s interest, and they react to what people care about.

Public mobilisation is therefore vital to achieve real political change. Through the WWF network, we involve hundreds of thousands of people in petitions, public stunts and e-actions that have a powerful impact on key political decisions.


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What is Earth Hour?
It is the biggest environmental awareness campaign ever seen!

When is it?
Earth Hour takes place once every year. On the last Saturday of March.

What's the aim?
To raise environmental awareness and get us doing small things in our daily lives that together can have huge impacts.

What does it involve?
Simply turning off your lights for 1 hour. Earth's hour.

How useful is this?
Earth Hour is a highly "visible" symbolic act.
One that millions of people can easily join in with.
And one that allows you to have fun while sending out a serious message to our politicians and governments, that says:
"I care about my planet!"




In Europe, vital laws protect our most precious nature. Our wildlife and most valued natural places all depend on these rules. Sadly, right now the European Commission is considering undermining these laws, undoing years of progress.

Over 520,000 people spoke up to save them in the European Commission's consultation – the biggest number ever reached in the history of the EU! We'll make sure that your voice is heard at the highest level of the European Commission, and by your own governments. The final decision on the future of Europe’s wildlife will be taken in Brussels in June 2016.

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520,325 people raised their voice on behalf of nature

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At least 60% of animals and plants of European importance and 77% of their homes are at risk.

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