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Brown bear, Central Carpathian Mountains, Romania
© Michel Gunther / WWF
Why are we fascinated by bears? Read about the history of the connection between people and this king of the forests. 

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Getting the numbers right on brown bears in Romania

Knowing the realistic number of bears is important. On their basis we define how to manage the bear population and how many bears can be legally hunted. But how to do that when the official census proves to be wrong? Learn more
	© Michel Gunther / WWF
Brown bear (Ursus arctos) running near Zarnesti in the Central Carpathian Mountains, Romania.
© Michel Gunther / WWF

Illegal traps: new 3-legged animal “species” emerges in Romania

In February 2016, a brown bear got caught in an illegal snare in the forests of Vrancea, in the eastern part of Romania. This might have been the end of that bear’s story. Learn more
	© ACBD Romania
A three-legged bear in Romania
© ACBD Romania