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Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans

Europe’s fisheries are in crisis – 2 out of 3 fish stocks in Europe are over-fished. For more than thirty years, fishing laws have failed to deliver the changes we need, and there are still too many destructive fishing boats chasing too few fish.
On the 23rd of October 2013 the European Parliament took an important step that would give fish stocks in Europe a fighting chance to recover over the medium to long-term. This will start to end a situation where too many boats are chasing too few fish.

The Parliament decided not to reintroduce financial aid for new boat construction, which had been discontinued in 2002. They also voted to increase funding for data collection and monitoring of fish stocks so that we can gain a better picture of their condition. The package also included more money for tackling illegal fisheries, which account for up to 40% of landings.

Fishing communities will also benefit from increased funding for training and job creation, which is important if a sustainable balance is to be found between those who depend on the sector and realistic conservation measures.

Since 2011 hundreds and thousands of people have taken action and helped us campaign for better fishing laws. Fishermen, processors, retailers and chefs across Europe all want a sustainable reform too.

This could not have happened without your support. The reform shows what we can achieve through citizen power.

Thank you for asking your Member of the European Parliament to invest in more fish, not in more boats.

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Invest in Fish!

European citizens asked members of the European Parliament to invest in more fish, not in more boats.