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Green Investments at Regional Level


Through Cohesion Policy the EU finances projects at a regional level that helps to boost the local economy and connectivity. WWF has been looking to shift the mentality of the EU so that it no longer commits funds to environmental harmful expenditure like roads, regional airports or direct supports for fossil fuels which are at best only in country’s short term interests. 

It makes no sense for Europe to invest in these grey infrastructures which are significantly contributing to climate change and the destruction of biodiversity, if the European tax payer is then going to have to pay a second time to fix the problem. Given these times of austerity Europe needs to think smarter on how it spends its money.
WWF wants this important fund to deliver on long-term green investments such as energy savings and renewable energy, sustainable transport, nature protection and eco-innovation. Cohesion Policy is already supporting some of these investments at national level, but it is only a fraction of total investments and should increase massively.


  • Sebastien Godinot


    WWF European Policy Office,

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What are the funds in Cohesion Policy?

The €336 Billion of Cohesion Policy is split into three core funds.

European Regional Development Fund
The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by supporting the less developed regions.

European Social Fund
Intervenes to support employment, skills and social inclusion

Cohesion Fund
It serves support big infrastructure projects in the 12 new Eastern Member States.