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Our Work

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WWF is engaging at the highest levels of European politics and also in project management in order to make a change.  In the EU budget 2007-2013 this fund is worth €350 billion and works across the whole of the EU.

In countries like Germany, Poland and Romania our national offices have developed longstanding relationships with national Governments which help advise on how policy should be brought forward so that are environmental and economic arguments are well understood. At a Brussels level we use our access with the European Commission and reputation within the European Parliament to spread the message of how green investments can benefit Europe’s economy.

In February 2012 we released the study Investing for the Future. This paper showed that if the EU shifted the support from the Common Agricultural Policy to the supporting renewable energy industries a new generation of green jobs would be created. This was presented to the European Institutions and translated into several languages, thereby helping create the awareness.
In October 2012 we launched the Wellspent.eu campaign with CEE Bank Watch and Friends of the Earth Europe. This selected some of the most innovative areas of EU Cohesion funding that also had a beneficial effects for the environment. The purpose was to show that there is a capacity for good green spending in the European Union. 


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