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Our Work

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WWF is one of the leading environmental organisations working on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). We believe that farmers should be rewarded for producing quality food and for managing rural areas using green practices. The new CAP has to reflect this reality and support practices from which we can all benefit.

We believe that the current CAP reform for the period 2014-2020 is the best opportunity we have to reshape this policy for the generations to come and ensure a greater focus on nature and reinvigorating sustainable rural economies.

By working with our network of WWF experts across Europe we have been able to develop policy that can work for the sector and make sure that politicians are persuaded by these compelling ideas.

We are also working with farm unions and other NGOs in Brussels representing development and environmental issues. By working together can we make our voices heard in an arena where the food and farming lobby is perhaps the most dominant.

Our two core principles are that:
  • farmers should only be given public money if they deliver safe and healthy food while delivering public goods such as clean water, healthy soils and the protection of biodiversity and climate.
  • the Rural Development Fund which currently only represents one fourth of the CAP budget should be increased to represent half of CAP as it is the most accountable way of improving environmental delivery on farms and it helps to strengthen rural communities.


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