Create a new Europe for the Planet!

In May 2014 all citizens across the EU have elected the new European Parliament for the period 2014-2019. This is the only EU institution directly elected by EU citizens: the 751 Members of the European Parliament are expected to represent your voice and needs.
In the next 5 years MEPs will deal with a series of crucial environmental policies that should create a more innovative economy, secure jobs, and protect our environment and health. 

What does WWF expect of Members of the European Parliament?

Members of the European Parliament must support EU policies which ensure that Europe’s use of natural resources – its ecological footprint – stays within the limits of one planet.

Here are some of the areas that citizens and WWF would like to see MEPs take action on:
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WWF at the European Parliament
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The European Union has the power to decide on things that are important to all of us: the air we breathe, the water we drink and the jobs we do. If you care, they will care. Make sure your candidate sign the WWF's pledge.

Why should you care?

Members of the European Parliament have an important role to play when it comes to the future of the environment in your country, all over Europe and globally.

80% of national environmental legislation is decided by the EU and it directly affects your daily life: the water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the energy you use.

95% of EU citizens feel that protecting the environment is important to them personally, so let’s make sure that your representatives support policies you care about!

Do we have 2,8 planets to consume?

 / ©: NASA
If everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated greenhouse gas emissions at the rate of the average European, we would need 2,8 planets to maintain our way of life.

Building a new Europe that lives and grows within the limits of our one planet is the only way to create a more stable and secure future for you and future generations.

WWF's Asks to the EU Parliament

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Who in the EU Parliament care about the environment?


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