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The European Commission has currently launched a public consultation on the future of our food and farming system in which everyone can participate. It’s a once in a decade opportunity to finally transform Europe’s broken Common Agricultural Policy.

Living Land

Progressive farmers, businesses and NGOs from different sectors have joined too! 

We need tens of thousands of Europeans asking the Commission to protect our nature and our farmers, instead of following the interests of the rich agro-industry. Raise your voice for a living land now!

There is no farming without nature. But industrial agriculture is the main cause of biodiversity loss, causing air and water pollution, and soil degradation.

We want a better farming system that protects Europe’s nature and climate.

CAP accounts for almost half of Europe’s budget, but most of our small and medium farmers have been put out of jobs. Why? Because 80% the CAP direct payments go to 20% of the richest agro-businesses.
We need a fairer system!

We are what we eat: our health is strictly related to the variety and quality of the food we eat. But so much of the food that ends up on our plates is sprayed with harmful pesticides and is tasteless.
We want good food that has the taste of nature in it!

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