European Parliament strongly supports global sustainable fisheries practices

Posted on 22 November 2012    
Zanzibar, Tanzania
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Today the European Parliament (EP) overwhelmingly voted in favour of the ambitious external dimension report of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) (2011-2318(INI)).
The report comprised a series of recommendations for the most badly needed solutions to the problems created by the EU’s external fisheries and current CFP. By supporting the report, the EP not only supports sustainable fisheries, but also sends a clear signal that the EU is committed to leading the world in sustainable fisheries management.
Quote from Sarunas Zableckis, European Marine & Fisheries Policy Officer, WWF European Policy Office: “WWF congratulates the European Parliament for supporting the ambitious external dimension report that will contribute to sustainable management of our oceans. We hope that the report is a clear indication by the Parliament to propose and support an ambitious EU fisheries reform.” 
Editor notes
The EU is a major player in global fisheries. The impacts that its fleets are having in waters around world are substantial, contributing to 85% of global fish stocks that are either fully or overexploited.
The impacts that the European fisheries fleet is having in waters outside the EU is substantial. The EU external fleet represents around 25% of the EU fleet in terms of gross tonnage. The European External fisheries policy in general already has and will have in the future a tremendous effect on world fisheries. The EU must champion smart and sustainable fisheries practices in its international and bilateral negotiations with third countries. An ambitious CFP reform, which external dimension policy is part of, can provide a secure future for fish and fishermen in Europe and the rest of the world. 

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