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Office Opening Reception with Bernie Krause

Bernie Krause
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On 27 June we celebrated over 28 years of work for the protection of nature in the EU and our new office in the heart of Brussels. Commissioners Phil Hogan and Karmenu Vella, MEP Mark Demesmaeker and former Director-General of the WTO, Pascal Lamy were among the guests.
    Our guest speaker for this occasion was soundscape ecologist and musician Dr. Bernie Krause. His early work is featured on albums the George Harrison, Mick Jagger, David Byrne and Bryan Eno, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, the Byrds, and the Doors.

Today his is mostly as a founder of Soundscape Ecology – a new field of study focusing on marine and terrestrial soundscapes of remaining wild habitats.

He is the author of “The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places,” the history of how animals taught us to dance and sing, which has been translated into seven languages. 

His Wild Sanctuary is a vast and important collection of over 4,500 hours of marine and terrestrial soundscapes representing the voices of more than 15,000 living organisms from larvae to large mammals and the numerous tropical, temperate and Arctic biomes from which they come. Half of the natural soundscapes in this rare set are from habitats that no longer exist, are radically altered because of human endeavour, or have gone altogether silent.
As he said in his Ted Talk “When I first began recording wild soundscapes 45 years ago, I had no idea that ants, insect larvae, sea anemones and viruses created a sound signature. But they do. And so does every wild habitat on the planet”.
Listen to the short audio excerpt from the event and visit the gallery below Office Opening Reception with Bernie Krause, #WWFKrause, 27 June 2017