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People's voice reaches Brussels. Citizens and NGOs meet EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella

EU leaders are currently deciding the future of our nature. Last July, you and more than half a million people told the European Commission to defend the laws that protect it. On November 20, a group of citizens gave this message to the EU Environment Commissioner, Karmenu Vella in Brussels. 

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Forest reception tackles illegal timber in the EU, 19 November 2015

A hundred people gathered in Brussels on November 19 to discuss how the EU Timber Regulation could be improved to prevent all trade in illegally-sourced timber across the European Union. Stakeholders from across the EU attended WWF’s event, including many of the 72 businesses and trade associations that have signed a public statement in support of a stronger EUTR, representatives from the European Commission, MEPs, and representatives from the Permanent Representations and Embassies of countries involved with the timber trade, as well as other NGOs.

WWF Forest Reception - 19/11/2015

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NGOs at Seafood Expo Global, April 2015

Seafood Expo, 21 April 2015

Representatives from the seafood industry, retailers, third countries and environmental groups gave a powerful endorsement on April 21 to the European Commission’s decision to warn Thailand to do more on illegal fishing. At a special debate hosted by the Commission at Brussels’ Seafood Expo Global, the world’s largest seafood trade event, Karmenu Vella, the EU Commissioner for environment, maritime affairs and fisheries, highlighted the need to take action against illegal, unreported and unregulated (or IUU) fishing in order to protect food security and livelihoods both in the developing world and also within the EU, where he said law-abiding fishermen are being affected by illegal catch entering the market.

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Earth Hour 2015 in the European Parliament

On 24th. 25th and 26th of March, WWF's Earth Hour team was in the European Parliament. 111 MEPs committed to this global movement and joined millions of people around the world to change climate change on the occasion of Earth Hour 2015. 

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EU ETS: Knock out the Toxic Tonnes!

On 24th February the Environment Committee of the European Parliament votes on the Market Stability Reserve, which aims to address the problem of a gigantic surplus of pollution permits in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). CAN Europe, Carbon Market Watch and WWF hosted a Climate Boxing Ring in front of the European Parliament and invited MEPs to knock out the Toxic Tonnes of the EU ETS.

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Euro-Toques chef cooks LiveWell plate at the European Parliament

From October until December 2014 LiveWell for LIFE and Euro-Toques, the EU's chef's association, were in the restaurants of the European Parliament for a series of cooking demonstrations on healthy and sustainable diets. The events took place on 1st October, 18 November and 2nd December.

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TEDxWWF 2014, One Planet Living

Brussels played host to TEDxWWF on October 13th 2014. The event gathered 300 people in the heart of the European capital and three live speakers to talk about on how to live sustainably within the limits of one planet.
Brussels, 13 October 2014

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'Dear Mr Juncker...' MEPs send messages to the new European Commission
MEPs sent their messages to the new European Commission during the Green10 reception at the European Parliament.
Brussels, 24 September 2014

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• SOS! EU Climate Action Lost at Sea!: Leading NGOs staged a cry for HELP! in the front of the European Commission - calling on the EC and Member States to put EU climate ambition back on track with what its citizens – and science – are calling for. Brussels, 22 January 2014

WWF debate: "Empowering African Communities to Sustainable Energy Access": WWF and the NGO Barefoot College have started working with women from the poorest communities in rural Africa to train them to become solar engineers and develop clean sustainable energy systems. The project was presented in Brussels on the occasion of the European Development Days in November 2013 

• Launch of Visualizing Energy photo exhibition: Brussels, 26 June 2013 

• The Parliament gets the 2014 edition of the Future Times: Brussels, 19 June 2013 

• All aboard for sustainable oceans!: On 13 May 2013, civil society, citizens, children, fishermen and politicians met in front of the Council building in Brussels, where Fisheries Ministers were meeting, to urge them to put an end to 30 years of ocean mismanagement and “get on board to end overfishing!” 

• Put the right price on pollution: WWF and CAN Europe live carbon auction in front of the European Parliament with a giant black balloon representing one tonne of CO2 emissions and outlandish bidders. Brussels, 09 April 2013 

• Stop bankrupting our oceans: citizens, fishermen and industry call on Europe to make the right decision for the future of fish. European Parliament (Strasbourg), 05 February 2013

150,000 people demand better EU fishing laws. WWF Stop bankrupting our oceans petition handover at the European Parliament (Brussels), 6 November 2012.

Green Groups: no medals in sight for Barroso II, Brussels, 03 July 2012

• Choosing the right fish dish. WWF and Euro-Toques event, European Parliament (Brussels), 08 May 2012.

• WWF and the Alliance for Common Fisheries Policy Reform debate, European Seafood Expo (Brussels), 25 April 2012.

• Voices from the Farm, WWF event, European Parliament (Brussels), 24 April 2012.

• More Fish event in front of the European Council (Brussels), 16 December 2011.

• WWF & OECD 50th Anniversary Reception, Brussels, 11 October 2011.

• Resources Unlimited? Conference, Brussels, 11 October 2011.