WWF Priority demands to Greek Presidency (Jan - June 2014)

Posted on 05 November 2013    
Alonissos island, Greece
© Wild Wonders of Europe /Stefano Unterthiner / WWF
 Greece takes on the Presidency of the EU at a critical time. The country is going through an unprecedented financial crisis and is undergoing economic adjustment with the support of EU institutions. During this period, WWF has recorded major rollbacks and shortfalls in environmental policies and legislation, occurring primarily in those EU member states most affected by the crisis, i.e. Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The EU’s role as a global green leader is seriously undermined by this situation and the natural foundations of European economies is placed under serious risk.

The Presidency offers Greece and the EU as a whole an opportunity to re-evaluate the formula prescribed for the ailing economy and to move forward the green agenda for conservation of Europe’s natural capital, innovation, competitive production and job creation.
This document presents WWF priority demands to the Greek Presidency in relation to seven policy areas:
1. Financial flows for Green economy
2. Climate and energy policies
3. Biodiversity policy
4. Common Fisheries Policy
5. Water policy
6. Sustainability for EU food policy
7. European development policy
WWF is looking forward to working with the Greek Presidency and the EU institutions to ensure that the key asks within these priorities are achieved.
Alonissos island, Greece
© Wild Wonders of Europe /Stefano Unterthiner / WWF Enlarge