WWF analysis: Searching for Sustainability – Comparative analysis of certification schemes for biomass used for the production of biofuels

Posted on 28 November 2013    
Searching for Sustainability: Comparative Analysis of Certification Schemes for Biomass used for the Production of Biofuels
This WWF analysis shows that the standards used to assess biofuel sources fall well short of ensuring that Europe’s push towards increased biofuel use is not contributing to environmental destruction and social exploitation.

The study, assessing the certification standards for biofuels accepted by the EU against a Certification Assessment Tool (CAT) developed by WWF, found many of the analysed standards had middle to low level performance.

Although EU’s biofuel policy aims to protect areas of high biodiversity and to reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions the new WWF study reveals the lack of binding requirements in several areas, such as: for the preservation and improvement of ground, water and air quality, including the lack of criteria for the use of agrochemicals. Furthermore, social standards such as a ban on slave or child labour are also left out.