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WWF & Boots work together calling for strong chemicals legislation

Posted on 27 October 2006
Boots has joined WWF to call on the EU to ensure that its new chemicals legislation – ‘REACH’ - provides consumers with the best possible protection from potentially harmful chemicals and provides them with the chance to make informed decisions about what they are buying.

As responsible members of society, both organisations believe that a strong REACH is necessary to protect the environment and human health, now and for future generations. REACH must work in practice, for small as well as large businesses, ensuring that where information is available it is readily shared to the benefit of all. The joint WWF-Boots statement published today calls for the following five key steps to be implemented to protect people and the environment: -

1. PLAY IT SAFE: Replace hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives whenever they exist.
3. INFORMATION improves trust: Provide sufficient safety information to identify dangerous chemicals and safer alternatives.
4. A LEGAL GUARANTEE: Ensure the chemical industry’s responsibility for the safety of their products (Duty of Care).
5. TRANSPARENCY for consumer products: Establish a right to know for citizens.

Stephen Johnson, Sustainable Development Manager for Boots said: “Boots is utterly committed to providing the best possible products for our customers. We believe that REACH offers a once in a generation opportunity to ensure that a responsible, scientific and consumer friendly approach is taken on the use of chemicals in every-day products. We are happy to join with WWF in asking the most of this opportunity offered by REACH.”

Paul King, Director of Campaigns for WWF-UK, said: “Boots joining with us to push for a strong REACH underlines the fact that this issue is a major concern for businesses as well as for environmental and health campaigners, we are delighted to be working with Boots on this.”

For further information, please contact:
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