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Emissions Reduction

Global warming caused by human-made carbon emissions threatens the world’s communities and ecosystems.
In Paris in 2015, 195 countries, including the EU, signed a historic climate agreement in which they committed to “pursue efforts” to limit global warming to 1.5° C.  The EU has to commit to reducing its carbon pollution faster than it is currently in order to meet this goal.

The EU should aim to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 to uphold the Paris Agreement and address the threat of climate change. This requires strong policies, measures and actions today.

The EU’s climate targets for 2020 (20% emissions reductions compared to 1990 levels), 2030 (at least 40% reductions) and beyond (zero net emissions 'as soon as possible') are not enough to avoid dangerous climate change.

What is WWF doing?

WWF is advocating and campaigning for a strong and ambitious long-term climate strategy to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040; the European Commission is due to publish its mid-century climate roadmap in November 2018.  

Our emissions reduction team

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