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EU2030 & Energy Union

The EU’s efforts to tackle climate change are driven by a package of laws covering energy efficiency, renewable energy, and greenhouse gases.
The current laws are valid until 2020 and include targets to cut emissions by 20%, to ensure 20% of energy comes from renewable sources, and to reduce energy use by 20%.

In 2016, the European Commission made proposals for an updated package of laws to 2030. WWF criticised these proposals for lack of ambition. We think that the 2030 package is a real opportunity to reform Europe’s energy systems and energy markets in favour of efficiency and renewables.

What is WWF doing?

WWF believes that EU emissions must be cut by 55% by 2030, through targets of 40% renewable energy and 40% energy savings. Only this level of ambition will ensure that the EU lives up to its international commitments to prevent dangerous climate change.

To secure these targets, WWF is advocating and campaigning for:
  • Transparent, binding and ambitious climate and energy targets to be implemented for 2030 and 2050;
  • A reformed energy governance system to ensure EU Member States deliver on their commitments (see our ‘governance beast’ for details);
  • Reforms to European energy markets so that efficiency and renewables can reach their maximum potential without being undermined by vested interests;
  • An energy transition for citizens which gives everyone the opportunity to produce their own power and manage how they consume energy;
  • EU countries to phase out fossil fuels and their subsidies rapidly, beginning with coal;
  • Finance for clean technologies, for the just transition, and for adaptation, loss and damage and scaled up climate action.

Policy timeline

Our energy union team

Imke Luebbeke
Head of Unit, EU Climate and Energy Policy
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Sarah Azau
Senior Communications & Media Officer
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Alex Mason
Senior Policy Officer, Renewable Energy
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Darek Urbaniak
Senior Energy Policy Officer
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Sam Van Den Plas
Senior Policy Officer, Climate & Energy
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Arianna Vitali Roscini
Senior Policy Officer for energy conservation
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Adam White
Senior Research Coordinator, Climate & Energy
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Leia Achampong
Policy Officer - MaxiMiseR, Climate & Energy

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