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2050 climate plans

The EU has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and by 80-95% by 2050.
EU Member States must produce ‘Low Carbon Development Strategies’ (LCDS) to show how they will cut their emissions long-term. However, it is not clear what information must be included in LCDS, nor how these emissions cuts could be financed - for example, through the auctioning revenues from the EU Emission’s Trading System.

Ensuring national long term climate strategies such as LCDS are ambitious and developed in a transparent way - with the participation of civil society and stakeholders - is key to meeting the EU’s emissions reductions goals.

What is WWF doing?

WWF is responsible for the MaxiMiseR project, which is working to make long-term climate plans as strong as possible - and seeing how they can be financed through the Emissions Trading System.

The MaxiMiseR project is evaluating EU low-carbon development strategies so Member States can share knowledge and best practise and improve their own strategies.

It also analyses how Emissions Trading System auctioning revenues are currently spent, and makes recommendations on how revenues can better support the implementation of Low Carbon Development Strategies. 
The MaxiMiseR project team is working with a range of stakeholders from civil society, public authorities and business. The project is funded by EU LIFE and the MAVA Foundation and runs from 2016-mid 2018. More

Policy timeline

Our Maximiser team

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Project Director

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Project Manager

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Senior Communications & Media Officer
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