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WWF goes solar

WWF offices around the world are switching to solar power and becoming more energy efficient.
Solar electricity and energy efficiency are crucial components of our planet's sustainable energy future. In The Energy Report (2011) we estimated that, by 2050, solar PV could supply 30% of world's electricity and efficiency could reduce our energy needs by half. But we might even have underestimated the potential for solar PV in this scenario!

Solar roof installation

It is not always easy to reduce energy consumption and install solar PV in offices. An organisation might not always own the building it is using, it might share the building with other tenants, policies and regulations are different in every country or even region, and they might not be supportive of solar power or energy efficiency.  

WWF upfront
WWF has decided to make its own operations more efficient and to power them with renewable energy, one office at the time. We hope to overcome the challenges, and to share our experiences with other organisations that are willing to make the step. 

Click on the map below to see which offices are already making a change.