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2019 EU Elections

The 2019 EU Elections offer the opportunity to bring about Europe’s sustainable transition
European laws and policies offer a way to effectively address environmental issues such as climate change, water pollution and loss of natural resources. Around 80% of domestic environmental law originates from EU legislation. Therefore, it is crucial for WWF to engage with EU political representatives – also during elections - to make sure our recommendations are heard and make their way into the priorities for a new legislative period.
In 2019, 705 Members of the European Parliament will be elected, but also 27 new European Commissioners and a European Council President will be appointed. Together they will set new political priorities.


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Head, Public Affairs
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Public Affairs Officer
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What is WWF doing?

WWF is urging for climate action and environmental protection to be embraced as key priories by future EU leaders and politicians. The current issues which dominate the public debate, such as of security, economic competitiveness and global relations, can only be tackled successfully if politicians factor in the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation.

We are working to ensure that EU leaders adopt a coherent and integrated approach to tackling climate change and environmental degradation. We are calling for the EU to introduce a European Sustainability Pact, which will allow the EU to:
  1. Improve European and global safety and wellbeing by combatting climate change and halting environmental degradation;
  2. Increase the competitiveness and job potential of European industries by boosting investments in sustainable blue and green sectors, which will be at the heart of tomorrow’s economy;
  3. Strengthen Europe’s international position and work towards its strategic independence by setting and implementing ambitious EU sustainable standards, promoting these standards outside of the EU and taking responsibility for our footprint globally;
  4. Improve EU governance in the European Parliament and Commission to support the sustainable transition to a secure, competitive and responsible EU.

Political timeline

  • 23-26 May: EU Elections in all 27 Member States
  • 20-21 June: EU Heads of State and Government adopt the Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024 and agree on high-level appointments
  • 15-18 July: Newly elected Members of the European Parliament vote on the future President of the European Commission
  • September-October 2019: European Parliament hearings of the Commissioners-designate, before their confirmation
  • 1 Nov 2019: New European Commission is expected to take up office
  • 1 Dec 2019: New European Council President is expected to start its mandate

    Non-implementation of EU Environmental laws costs up to 50 billion per year.