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Civil Society view regarding pending EU legislation 2014 – response to Business Europe

Posted on 05 December 2014
Mobilising European citizens to ask for policy change
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The undersigned organisations, representing diverse public interests, strongly oppose the worrying deregulatory tendency under the headline of ‘cutting red tape’. With this open letter we specifically respond to the statement issued by BusinessEurope on 25th November under the heading ‘Business input to the screening exercise by vice-president Timmermans.

We are of the opinion that the merit of the policy initiatives BusinessEurope refers to in its statement deserves a balanced discussion. We object to the narrow assertion that business competitiveness ’would be hampered by legislation protecting people and the environment’. To the contrary, we believe, as do a vast number of progressive companies, that the only way for European industry to be competitive is to innovate within the limits of a low carbon and resource efficient economy and to embrace strong social, labour, consumer and environmental protection measures.

We call on President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans as well as the whole Commission college to ensure that any legislative ‘screening’ takes into account, not only costs and benefits to businesses, but also environmental, social and health related costs and benefits to society at large. Rights and commitments enshrined in the EU treaties, such as women’s rights, workers’ rights and environmental protection must be upheld.

At a time of increasing inequality, and ecological and climate crisis, the European Union needs to demonstrate bold and forward looking leadership to protect European values, ensure social inclusion and encourage sustainable development.

Our organisations are ready to engage in constructive dialogue with the European institutions on how to ensure that legislation necessary to protect European women and men, workers, consumers, and the environment, and to support the long-term wellbeing of all people, is at the core of the EU agenda.

List of signatories:

Magda Stoczkiewicz, Director, Friends of the Earth Europe
Monique Goyens, Director General, BEUC
Conny Reuter, Secretary General, SOLIDAR
Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary, UNI Europa
Carl Dolan, Director, Transparency International EU Office
Angelo Caserta, Regional Director, BirdLife Europe
Jorgo Riss, Director, Greenpeace European Unit
Tony Long, Director WWF European Policy Office
Jeremy Wates, Secretary General, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Genon K. Jensen, Executive Director, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)
Wendel Trio, Director, Climate Action Network Europe
Seda Orhan Defranceschi, Head of EU Policy Office, Nature Friends International
Monica Verbeek, Executive Director Seas at Risk
Joanna Maycock, Secretary-General, European Women’s Lobby
Seamus Jeffreson, Director, CONCORD
Natalia Alonso, Deputy Director of Advocacy & Campaigns, Oxfam International
Bernd Nilles, Secretary General and - Heinz Hoedl, President CIDSE
Laura Sullivan, Representative at EU level, ActionAid International
Nina Renshaw, Secretary General EPHA
Jérome Chaplier, Coordinator, European Coalition for Corporate Justice

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Mobilising European citizens to ask for policy change
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