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WWF Annual Review 2016

Posted on 13 April 2017
WWF Annual Review 2016
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WWF European Policy Office's 2016 review presents highlights of our work last year, as we pushed for EU policy change. 

2016 was a year of upheaval, which led Europe to seek to redefine its global role. This Annual Review describes how we worked with other groups to push for a sustainable Europe marked by its environmental protection and climate action.

We saw some big strides forward last year, notably with the European Commission’s decision not to re-open the EU Nature Directives. We engaged on climate change, energy, natural resources, oceans, EU and external development, and green economies.

But the path ahead remains steep. The EU must reinstate itself as a world leader for people and nature. WWF will support this by pushing for EU leaders to begin implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, for more ambitious 2030 climate and energy legislation, for better implementation of the nature laws across all Member States, and in all its work areas next year. 
WWF Annual Review 2016
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