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Making Space for Nature in all EU Policies

Parcul National Retezat, Romania
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As 80% of Europe’s environmental legislation originates in the EU, WWF works in Brussels to ensure that EU decision makers take nature into the right account in all relevant EU policies and invest enough money so that natural resources are used and managed in a sustainable and efficient way.

  •  Integrating Nature in all EU Policies
WWF wants nature to be heard when European leaders discuss actions towards halting biodiversity loss by 2020 . To achieve this, we need to make sure that nature protection is included in key EU policies like agriculture,fisheriesclimate change or regional development , as well as within the EU Budget Reform.

Particular attention is devoted to Natura 2000 - the EU network of protected areas – that requires appropriate management and financing. WWF is asking the EU and its Members States to include the financial needs of Natura 2000 in the EU and the national budgets. 

  • Recognising the socio-economic value of biodiversity
One of the reasons why biodiversity is still under threat in Europe and globally is that all the services and benefits natural ecosystems provide us for free are still not properly valued in our policies and budgets.  WWF wants to ensure that the huge socio-economic value of ecosystems is properly recognised, for example by including the natural capital  in relevant accounting systems.


  • Promoting nature protection globally
As a major importer of natural resources from other countries, Europe is also contributing to biodiversity loss in these regions. WWF is therefore asking the EU and its Member States to commit to the global biodiversity strategy within the framework of the “Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to halt biodiversity loss by 2020 ” and  to promote nature protection in neighboring and distant countries


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Over 520,000 people spoke up to save them in the European Commission's consultation – the biggest number ever reached in the history of the EU! 

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