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LiveWell for LIFE final conference

In October 2011, WWF and Friends of Europe started a 3-year project - LiveWell for LIFE - co-financed through the European Commission’s environment fund LIFE+.  

The project aims at better understanding the linkages between unsustainable food consumption, GHG emissions, and climate change. It will develop potential win-win policy scenarios which demonstrate that what is good for the health of our planet is good for our health too.

LiveWell for LIFE will establish the viability of an EU-wide introduction of the LiveWell Plate developed by WWF-UK. This is a tool that defines what healthy and sustainable diets could look like for different European countries.

In a nutshell, by eating more vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates, less meat and processed foods we will not only be healthier but also reduce the impact of food production on the planet.


  • Erik Gerritsen

    LiveWell Policy Officer

    WWF European Policy Office

    +32 2 743 88 14

Live cooking demonstrations in the European Parliament

Great chefs prepare healthy, sustainable dishes before your eyes

From October until December 2014 LiveWell for LIFE and Euro-Toques, the EU chef's association, have been in the restaurants of the European Parliament for a series of cooking demonstrations on healthy and sustainable diets. 

On 1 October, Chef Ramón Roteta prepared one of his own LiveWell recipes: the Bonito (or tuna) pot at the cantine.

On 18 November, the Belgian Chef  Michel Lognoul prepared: "Stuffed ballotine of cuckoo from Malines" at the Restaurant of the Joszsef Antall JAN building 

On 2 December, the Belgian Chef Tulpinck John prepared "Green and coral lentil risotto with cream of chestnuts and hazelnut oil espuma/foam" at the Members’ Restaurant of the Altiero Spinelli building 

A daily LiveWell dish will be introduced at the ASP self-restaurant in the European Parliament until the end of this year.

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A guide to a healthy, sustainable life

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A guide to a healthy, sustainable life
© WWF / LiveWell
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