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Effective EU Policies to Stop Illegal Logging Globally

Deciduous woodland, Curonian Spit, Lithuania
© Wild Wonders of Europe/Mark Hamblin/WWF

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which came into force in 2013, aims to prevent wood from illegal origins being sold on the EU market.

Unfortunately, the way the legislation is implemented, applied and enforced varies greatly across Europe. And many products that contain wood, including certain furniture and printed materials, aren’t covered.

Research by WWF has found potentially illegal timber in a wide range of products, from chairs to guitars to greetings cards.  

The EUTR is currently being reviewed. This presents a great opportunity to fix the loopholes and ensure once and for all that governments, consumers and businesses in the EU are not contributing to illegal logging.

WWF is calling on the EU to:

  • Ensure the EUTR is effectively and consistently implemented, applied and enforced across all 28 member states.

  • Expand its scope so that all wood-based products are covered.

Many companies that buy and sell timber want a stronger EUTR: read their statement here.