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European Maritime Day 2014

Deep sea hydrothermal vent (black smoker)
© Atos / Ifremer

Deep sea mining in Europe’s oceans – a good idea?

On the occasion of European Maritime Day (Bremen, Germany, 18-20 May 2014), WWF and the Institute for the Law of the Sea and International Marine Environmental Law (ISRIM) will convene a stakeholder workshop, stirred by emerging plans to extract minerals from Europe’s seafloor.
While the overall subject of the conference is “Innovation driving Blue Growth”, the speakers at the WWF/ISRIM workshop will focus on “Limits to Blue Growth in the Deep Sea” thus addressing deep sea mining and related aspects from the legal, policy and environmental angle, including:
  • Threats to marine biodiversity in Europe’s seas
  • Lessons learnt from deep sea fisheries
  • Law of the Sea provisions
  • Requirements by the EU Marine Strategy Framework and/or Habitats Directive
These issues will then be subject to further discussion by the workshop participants. The workshop conclusions are intended to guide WWF’s input to the European Commission’s public consultation on deep sea mining at the same time.

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International Marine Policy & Marine Protected Areas
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Innovation driving Blue Growth

	© Jürgen Freund / WWF
Maritime Day 2014, organised by the European Commission, is devoted to innovation to discuss the technologies, business practices, operational requirements and rules that Europe needs to achieve its blue growth objectives.

European Maritime Day 2014 in Bremen

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Stephan Lutter, International Marine Policy & Marine Protected Areas, WWF Germany
Marta Chantal Ribeiro, University of Porto (Portugal):
Prof. Dr. Andree Kirchner, Institute of the Law of the Sea and International Marine Environment Law (ISRIM):