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Environmental tools in EC development cooperation

Posted on 26 September 2007
Isabella Kasupi, community development advisor, Puros Conservancy, Kunene, Namibia.
© WWF / Edward Parker
The potential impact of European Union development policies and expenditure on sustainable development is considerable. According to the latest figures given by the OECD, the 15 Development Assistance Committee (DAC) countries that are members of the European Union (EU) increased their combined official development assistance (ODA) by 2.9% in 2006 and currently provide about 57% of the world total ODA (US dollar 58.9 billion). The European Community (EC) alone manages one fifth (or $10.2 billion) of this.

This report is a “snapshot” in time of the availability of environmental information held by 60 EC delegations or regional contact points who are responsible for programming and disbursing EC aid. It does not look at environmental integration in bi-lateral EU funding through the delegations and embassies of EU Member States.

The authors from WWF, FERN and BirdLife hope that the publication of this report will contribute to achieving greater transparency and improved communication, involvement and ownership of civil society in promoting environmental sustainability in EC aid.