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WWF – Saving Nature with EU Neighbours

Posted on 25 October 2006
A villager from Javakheti area.
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The European Neighbourhood Policy is a new initiative from the European Union. It aims to create peaceful borders and stronger ties with Europe’s neighbouring countries.

On October 17, 2006, the Council adopted a regulation establishing, and laying down general provisions for a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) for the 2007–13 period. 

The ENPI will provide financial support for a variety of economic, social and environmental programmes within the countries and also across national borders. Even if they are not covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy as such, Russia and Turkey will beneficiate from the ENPI.

WWF sees this as a major opportunity to achieve the conservation of nature on land as well as the oceans, to protect natural resources like forests and freshwater and to spread new environmental technologies to cut down on wasteful consumption and pollution.

Download WWF Position paper on the implementation of the ENPI...

Paloma Agrasot
Neighbourhood Programme Manager
Tel: +32 2  743 88 11
Pauline Denissel
Neighbourhood Programme Assistant

• This poster highlights the places where WWF is actively involved in the neighbouring countries. This list is not exhaustive and does not encompass the whole richness of the zones. More information is available from our offices.
• WWF European Policy Office would like to warmly thank people, programmes and offices that were involved in the drafting of this poster: WWF Caucasus Programme Office, WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Office, WWF Mediterranean Programme Office, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme, WWF Finland, WWF France, WWF Spain, WWF Turkey, PAN Parks Foundation, the MedPAN project (network of managers of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean).

A villager from Javakheti area.
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Europe’s future development and the neighbouring countries’ economies are increasingly joined together
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