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A quality life for all

Europe must transform its economies and make them sustainable.
A sustainable economy is one that is resilient and provides a good quality of life for everybody. It stays within the limits of the planet and helps keep global warming within the well below 2°C threshold.

Ensuring a rapid transition to sustainable economies in Europe is a challenge that requires bold leadership and strong commitment to action. But while we cannot improve – or even maintain – our well-being on a business-as-usual path, moving to sustainable economies offers huge opportunities.  

What is WWF doing?

Finance is a critical cog of our economic system. WWF aims to change the way investments are made, bringing them into line with EU commitments like the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 Goals. Such a shift includes both mobilising financial support for sustainable economic activities and discouraging or banning support for harmful ones.

As a part of  Sustainable Energy Investment Metrics Project, WWF is raising awareness among investors about climate risks and opportunities.

Our priorities
Public finance: Public financial institutions should lead by example and align their lending and investment policies with sustainability goals. WWF is working with European public financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank and the European Fund for Strategic Investments, and export credit agencies.

EU private investment policies and regulations: WWF is engaging with EU policy makers to ‘green’ the Capital Markets Union Action and ensure that private investment flows become aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change. This includes recommendations on disclosure, capital mobilisation such as green bonds, fiduciary duties and mainstreaming of responsible investment practices.

Large European investors: WWF is engaging with European investors such as asset owners in order to help them adapt their policies, investment process and engagement on climate change risks and opportunities and related issues.

Policy Timeline

Sustainable economies team

Sebastien Godinot
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Julia Linares
Sustainable Investment Officer
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Jan Vandermosten
Policy Officer, Sustainable Finance
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Lise Devaux
Green Economy and Natural Resources Assistant
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Did you know?

90% of Europeans believe that supporting an economy that uses less resources and emit less greenhouse gasses is important for the EU in order to exit the present financial and economic crisis and prepare for the next decade.

(Source: Eurobarometer 82, November 2014)