Joint letter: NGOs send out urgent call to update water pollutants list

Posted on June, 13 2024

WWF, together with 6 other organisations, urges Water Directors to urgently update the pollutants list and to not add new exemptions to the Water Framework Directive.
The letter urges Water Directors to reject proposals to further weaken the Commission’s proposal to update the lists of priority pollutants of surface and groundwater. It also calls on Directors not to use the ongoing limited update of the chemical aspects to make substantial changes to basic principles of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), thus undermining the fitness check evaluation of the WFD and resulting in delayed action on tackling water pollution.

Water pollution worses water scarcity, drives biodiversity loss, is hugely expensive to clean up and results in our exposure to toxic chemicals.
WWF urges Water Directors to urgently update pollutants list
© WWF Unsplash