RePowerEU: Protecting nature and fighting climate change must go hand in hand

Posted on 04 May 2022

The deployment of renewable energy and the restoration of nature must be done in unison for a climate neutral and nature-positive Europe.
In the lead up to the publication of the RepowerEU Communication by the European Commission, in a joint NGO statement, civil society organisations are calling for a holistic approach to the accelerated energy transition, where climate, energy and biodiversity policies reinforce each other. Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked and should not be addressed in isolation. A solution for one needs to be a solution for the other.

While there is now a renewed urgency for EU member states to push for the deployment of renewable energy, it must be done with the full involvement of citizens and communities and ensuring nature protection. If this considered approach is taken by EU member states, it can result in a higher level of public acceptance which can in turn lead to the faster permitting and deployment of renewable energy throughout Europe.
Middelgrundsfortet Island and offshore wind turbines on the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark
© balipadma / Shutterstock