Joint NGO analysis on the proposal for a regulation on nature restoration

Posted on 04 August 2022

BirdLife, ClientEarth, EEB and WWF call on the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to adopt the proposed nature restoration Regulation without delay and to strengthen it where needed.
On 22 June 2022, the European Commission presented its proposal for the new Regulation on nature restoration. It aims to contribute to the recovery of biodiverse and resilient nature across the EU’s land and sea areas through the restoration of ecosystems, and to contribute to the EU’s objectives concerning climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The legal proposal is an important milestone to reverse the tide of both biodiversity loss and climate change, with the potential to make a real impact at the scales required if implemented in a timely and well considered manner.

In this joint NGO publication, BirdLife, ClientEarth, EEB and WWF analyse key elements of the proposal and make reommendations for its improvement across five key areas:
  1. Overarching objective: effective and area-based restoration measures in place on at least 20% of the EU land and sea areas by 2030 

  2. Restoration of high quality nature, with time-bound area-based restoration targets 

  3.  Indicator-based restoration targets for the restoration of pollinators, agricultural and forest ecosystems 

  4. Implementation: national restoration plans

  5. Financing