WWF position paper: The EU's 8th Environment Action Programme

Posted on 27 February 2021

The proposal by the Commission for an 8th Environment Action Programme (8th EAP) aims to build on the European Green Deal. It tries to set out the direction for EU environmental and climate policy action until 2030.
However, as it stands the 8th EAP proposal lacks the overall ambition and forward-looking actions to tackle environmental degradation and achieve the EU’s long-term aim of ‘living well, within the means of our planet’. 

Worryingly, the 8th EAP proposal by the European Commission tries to put forward the non established concept of ‘regenerative growth’ as a new economic model for the EU. This concept seems to rely heavily on conventional models of economic growth and continues to be far removed from balancing social, environmental and economic sustainability. Instead, the 8th EAP should help trigger a shift towards an EU ‘sustainable wellbeing economy’, combining prosperity with the possibility of social progress within planetary boundaries as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

In this position paper, WWF lays out its recommendations for strengthening the Commission's proposal to turn the 8th EAP into a powerful instrument for driving transformational change and reaching the objectives of the European Green Deal.
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