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European Commission withholding crucial CAP report

Posted on 03 March 2020

The most recent evaluation of the impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) remains unpublished by the European Commission, months after its completion.
This evaluation report, focusing on the impacts of the CAP on habitats, landscapes and biodiversity, has been performed by independent experts for the Commission, analysing the successes and failures of the CAP 2014-2020 for biodiversity, likely the most comprehensive assessment made to date on the topic. 

This is happening at a time when the Agriculture and Environment Committees in the European Parliament are set to meet for the first time to negotiate the post-2020 CAP, finally honouring the shared competencies they have on this file. This is also in parallel with the ongoing discussions on the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies, both due to be published later this month and expected to set the direction for EU policies on food, farming and biodiversity for the coming decade. At this crucial time, all relevant studies and analyses related to agriculture and biodiversity should be on the table to inform the decision making process, but a key piece of the puzzle is missing. 

In light of this incomplete picture, WWF has recently filed an Access to Documents request to the European Commission asking for the missing report to be made public. The Commission has until 13 March to respond to the request. This is the second such occurrence in less than a year. Last May, a similar formal request by WWF forced the Commission to publish a long-awaited report on the impact of agriculture policy on climate change

"It’s déjà vu with the Commission and the release of a CAP impact report. By delaying its publication, they are once again transforming a technical evaluation into a political game. It’s incredible that the Commission needs to be reminded of its duty towards co-legislators, stakeholders and the public. The report must be released immediately to facilitate a fully informed debate”, said Jabier Ruiz, Senior Policy Officer at WWF European Policy Office.

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