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European Green Deal must strengthen partner countries’ recovery

Posted on 06 May 2020

This joint NGO statement on the Covid-19 crisis sets out principles and policy recommendations for the EU to support green, equitable and resilient recovery plans in partner countries.
As NGOs working on climate, environment, social justice and sustainable development issues, we stand in solidarity with local communities, vulnerable groups and those on the frontlines of the pandemic in partner countries. Solidarity, transparency, inclusiveness, and equity must guide the EU’s response at all stages. 

In the short term, the priority with partner countries must be to address the health crisis, immediate humanitarian and socio- economic impacts on livelihoods, and the right to food. 

In the medium to long term, the EU should  ensure that support to recovery in partner countries integrates climate and biodiversity objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals, tackles social inequalities, strengthens access to natural resources, and supports public services. 

This statement is undersigned by 16 NGOs, and accompanies a set of recommendations published in February 2020 on "Making the European Green Deal work for International Partnerships". 
60% of the population derive their livelihoods from agriculture.
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