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Transparency & Governance

WWF in the EU Transparency Register

We support transparency and democracy in decision-making on all levels of society. Since 2008, WWF EPO is registered on the European Transparency Register where we list the key pieces of EU legislation and policies we are following as well as the costs of our advocacy work at EU level.

We believe it’s important to make lobbying transparent and are also calling on the EU institutions to do so. The Transparency Register must become a legally binding requirement for anyone who wants to meet with EU decision makers. All EU institutions should transparently declare who they are meeting with and on what subjects.

Find out more about the work led by ALTER-EU (Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation) and supported by WWF EPO.



WWF's European Policy Programme is an AISBL registered in Belgium and our statutes are published in the Moniteur Belge.

The General Assembly is the legal decision-making body of the European Policy Programme. It is also accountable to the Belgian authorities for the proper and transparent administration and functioning of the office. As of January 2024, its members are: Kirsten Schuijt, Jaimie Craig, Gustaf Lind, Theodota Nantsou and Alain Flabat.

In support of our legal governance, the WWF Network is closely involved in the day-to-day advocacy efforts of the European Policy Programme through several network bodies: 

  • A Strategy Advisory Group meets twice a year to advise on the running of our office and to oversee strategy and implementation plans, but does not have formal decision-making powers. It brings together representatives of almost all WWF Offices in Europe and WWF International. Its current chair is Theodota Nantsou of WWF-Greece.
  • European CEOs of WWF Offices in Europe meet annually as well, and on a regular basis take stock of the progress made on our European policy priorities. Current chair of the European CEOs is Gustaf Lind of WWF-Sweden.
  • To ensure WWF speaks with one voice at European level, our policy positions are prepared in close consultation with the experts from WWF’s conservation and policy departments in all European offices, as well as WWF International. 

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