Proposal for EU Sustainable Food Systems Law should be ready before the end of the Commission's mandate - letter

Posted on 06 September 2023

Today, a week before Ursula von der Leyen delivers her SOTEU speech, 160 civil society organisations and scientists, have issued a letter urging the European Commission to present its proposal for the law by the end of the mandate, as planned.
According to media reports, the Sustainable Food Systems Law has about a 50-50 chance of ever coming to light. Over the last year, Europe witnessed how rising food prices have squeezed the incomes of many families. Today, around 38 million people in the EU cannot access enough (healthy) food, a trend that has steadily grown since 2015 and which could significantly increase if the EU food system continues down this route. 
"Scientific evidence clearly backs the urgency of the transformation of our food system towards a more  sustainable and healthier one, within planetary boundaries. The European Commission must keep  environmental and social sustainability, as well as animal welfare, at the heart of the policy debate  around food, agriculture and fisheries. The challenges ahead are not minor, and the cost of inaction in  terms of biodiversity loss, extreme weather events, and subsequent damage to agricultural productivity, together with the surge of non-communicable diseases, is unaffordable," the signatories said in the letter.

You can access the letter here.