National climate plans
EU Member States are finalising their climate plans, to show how they will cut their emissions.

They are producing plans which run to 2030 - 'National Energy and Climate Plans' (NECPs) as well as longer-term climate strategies.

Why it matters

For WWF, the EU should aim to be at net zero emissions by 2040 to be in line with the Paris Agreement. This means the EU should cut emissions by 65% by 2030.

Ensuring national plans are ambitious and developed in a transparent way - with the participation of civil society and stakeholders - is key to meeting the EU’s emissions reductions goals. The drafts produced so far are not up to scratch. 

What WWF is doing

WWF is working with our national WWF colleagues to ensure the NECPs and national long-term climate strategies are as ambitious and effective as possible.

Also, WWF was responsible for the EU LIFE-funded MaxiMiseR project, which ran until June 2018. The project aimed to make long-term climate plans as strong as possible - and  to see how they could be financed through the Emissions Trading System.


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Head of Climate & Energy

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WWF's MaxiMiseR project


- We analysed and ranked EU countries' climate plans.
- This EU-LIFE and MAVA-funded project ran until 2018.
More on the MaxiMiseR project