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Europe's economic recovery must be aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its immediate health, social and economic impacts require an urgent response. Beyond this, however, public stimulus packages to relaunch the economy are already being developed, requiring crucial decisions on where these substantial financial flows should be directed or through which channels and vehicles, in order to bring most benefits.

Badly designed recovery plans in response to the Covid-19 outbreak risk exacerbating the social inequalities and environmental crisis. Instead, governments must draw up their plans in a way that helps tackle social inequalities, climate and environmental breakdown, and the need to improve long-term resilience, by taking a consistent approach across the board, and aiming clearly at a green, equitable and resilient recovery.

WWF is calling on the European Union and its governments to demonstrate leadership and foresight by continuing to follow, and reinforcing, a trajectory towards a resilient, sustainable and just economy and society, in line with the European Green Deal.


Public appeal for a green & just recovery

Together with other environmental NGOs, WWF has launched a public appeal to decision-makers to bring about a green & just recovery following the Covid-19 health crisis.

Based on this appeal, we have also teamed up with to launch a public petition supporting our appeal.

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WWF is calling on the EU and its member states to ensure that future economic stimulus plans are fully aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal, and help accelerate Europe’s transition to a just and sustainable economy.