WWF EU 2020 Annual Review is out! | WWF
WWF EU 2020 Annual Review is out!

Posted on 05 February 2021

2020 was no year like any other
The health crisis has put the interlinkages between planetary and human health into sharp focus, with the emergence of zoonotic diseases like Covid-19 clearly driven by the accelerating destruction of our natural world. 

The WWF European Policy Office’s Annual Review for 2020 delivers a comprehensive overview of WWF EU’s policy, campaigns and communications efforts during this difficult year. In 2020, we won some important battles, but we are still some way off achieving the paradigm shift needed to lead us to a greener, healthier and fairer future. 

A massive thank you to our supporters, partners and friends with whom we went the extra mile to continue to influence EU policy under testing circumstances, and to our donors for their continued support and understanding. 

Our journey for a nature positive, climate neutral and more just society may have been slightly disrupted, but it will not stop. Increasing political awareness and continuing public mobilisation give me hope that 2021 could indeed become the long-awaited “super year” for nature, climate and people. 

We believe that civil society has a key role to play in holding our leaders to account on their pledge to “build back better”, and we are determined to continue to do just that. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
Eurasian nuthatch
© Ola Jennersten / WWF-Sweden