8th EAP: An opportunity to end harmful subsidies

Posted on 25 November 2021

Firm timelines are needed on phasing out fossil fuel and other environmentally harmful subsidies in the 8th Environment Action Programme
At a time of an acute climate and biodiversity crisis, the fact that taxpayer’s money continues to finance the burning of fossil fuels and other activities that harm our climate and nature is completely untenable, and the consequences must be drawn urgently. The 8th Environment Action Programme - which is currently being negotiated in trilogue by the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the EU - must be turned into an effective tool to address this absurdity. 

Floods, droughts and fires have brought the climate crisis closer to Europeans, and have put renewed pressure on leaders to take decisive action. With this, the question of fossil fuel subsidies has come under renewed public and scrutiny. Against this backdrop, it is increasingly untenable for the EU to publicly state that it is serious about tackling the climate crisis and ending harmful subsidies, while not taking any real steps to put an end to these subsidies.

This briefing paper lays out the EU's historic commitments to ending harmful subsidies, and why the opportunity of the 8th EAP must be seized by all institutions to make this a reality.
Coal smoke stacks
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