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206,391 citizens have been heard. EP voted for a strong EU Deforestation law

For years, deforestation has been creeping into our home. Our fridge. Our lunch. Our coffee and the paper cups it comes in. 
But this is about to end, as the voices of over 200,000 citizens that sent personalised messages to Members of the European Parliament this summer have been heard.
MEPs voted on 13 September for significant improvements of the proposal of the European Commission for a regulation on deforestation-free products.
They agreed on including “other wooded land” in addition to forests, a higher number of checks on products, clearer definitions for important terms such as “forest degradation” and an enlarged product scope covering more than beef, soy, palm oil, rubber, timber, cacao and coffee. 
In the next few months, the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council will negotiate the final text of the EU Deforestation law, so that only nature destruction-free products are found in our shops and on our tables.

Thank you for standing #Together4Forests!

Since 2020, through the #Together4Forests campaign led by WWF, 1.2 million citizens, scientists and companies have been asking for a law which ensures that only nature destruction-free products end up on the EU market. Over 50,000 people have sent additional letters to their national ministers earlier this year, and more than 200,000 messages and memes have been sent to Members of the European Parliament during the last two summer months.


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EU Campaign Manager
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Senior Communications Officer,
Deforestation & Food
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Anke Schulmeister - Oldenhove
Senior Forest Policy Officer
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